Norra TXT - greige NORRA TXT 022
Norra TXT - grey NORRA TXT 040
Norra TXT - dark grey NORRA TXT 042
Norra TXT - anthracite NORRA TXT 050
Norra TXT - dark blue NORRA TXT 062
Norra TXT - petrol NORRA TXT 065
Norra TXT - burgundy NORRA TXT 085

Norra TXT has a striped tone-in-tone effect using powerful Scandinavian colours. Explore endless styles and create the perfect design to define your room and make a statement. Norra TXT gives your modular floor a kind of third dimension.

More importantly, Norra TXT is made from 100% regenerated Econyl® polyamide yarn. This means it's highly durable and wear-resistant.

Available colours

Norra TXT - greige
Norra TXT - grey
Norra TXT - dark grey
Norra TXT - anthracite
Norra TXT - dark blue
Norra TXT - petrol
Norra TXT - burgundy

Technical data

• 1/10" loop pile
• 100% Econyl (50% space dye - 50% SDN)
• Class 33 (heavy contract)
• Bfl-s1
• Pile weight 580 g/m2
• Total height 6,5 mm
• Impact sound reduction 24 dB

Product in use

  • Arrow in NORRA TXT NORRA TXT 042
  • Circle in NORRA TXT NORRA TXT 040-085
  • Diamond in NORRA TXT NORRA TXT 065
  • Trapezium in NORRA TXT NORRA TXT 040-042-065


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