yellow FUNKE 090
oker FUNKE 049
green FUNKE 077
petrol FUNKE 078
blue FUNKE 066
red 2 FUNKE 087
red FUNKE 081
orange FUNKE 080
terra 2 FUNKE 038
terra FUNKE 037

Our tight loop pile Funke tile is characterised by its striking bright, trendy colour scheme. Funke gives you endless possibilities for defining your space and making a statement. You can freely combine it with cooler shades from the Dusk range, or develop spectacular contrasts using patterned tiles like Moss, Rago or Vinga.

Available colours

red 2
terra 2

Technical data

• 1/10" loop pile
• 100% polyamide (piece dyed)
• Class 33 (heavy contract)
• Bfl-s1
• Pile weight 550 g/m2
• Total height 6,0 mm
• Impact sound reduction 25 dB

Product in use

  • Diamond in FUNKE FUNKE 049-066
  • Diamond in FUNKE FUNKE 049-066
  • Arrow in FUNKE FUNKE 078
  • Cirle &More in FUNKE FUNKE 049-077-078
  • Plank in FUNKE FUNKE 077-078
  • Core in FUNKE FUNKE 049/066/078
  • Hexagon &More in Funke FUNKE 049


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