creme AURA 021
greige AURA 046
beige AURA 022
brown AURA 032
oker AURA 048
red AURA 083
light blue AURA 063
dark blue AURA 060
blue grey AURA 061
grey - anthracite AURA 045
brown - anthracite AURA 050
anthracite AURA 051

Are you looking for quality and durability? Then Aura is the choice for you.

This collection is made from 100% regenerated Econyl® polyamide yarn. Aura’s strong level of twist, its superior technical construction and modern colour schemes guarantee it’ll be a real winner in your interior design.

Available colours

light blue
dark blue
blue grey
grey - anthracite
brown - anthracite

Technical data

• 1/10" cut pile
• 100% Econyl (solution dyed)
• Class 33 (heavy contract)
• Bfl-s1
• Pile weight 1.300 g/m2
• Total height 8,0 mm
• Impact sound reduction 29 dB

Product in use

  • Plank in AURA AURA 021-051
  • Plank in AURA AURA 021-051
  • Plank in AURA AURA 021-061-063
  • Arrow in AURA AURA 021-022-046-051
  • Arrow in AURA AURA 061
  • Core in AURA AURA 021-046-050
  • Diamond in AURA AURA 021-022-046-051
  • Diamond in AURA AURA 021-046-051
  • Hexagon &More in AURA AURA 021-060-063
  • Hexagon &More in AURA AURA 061
  • Core in AURA AURA 051


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