Passionate about unique carpet creations

Birger Karlsson, the company’s founder, tapped into his Swedish roots for the name Alskar, which means “love”. But the name is more than just a link to Sweden – first and foremost, it’s a reference to the passion for creative interior design that Birger shares with his wife Sigrid. They realised that there is an increased demand for modular floor and wall concepts – and carpet tiles have a lot of benefits: they’re great for acoustics; you can use them to visually define task-specific zones; you can create a ‘homely’ feel in your office, or an ‘office’ feel in your private study. What’s more, using Alskar tiles, you can instantly give your space a new look and feel.


showroom picture with carpet samples

A dream team

Birger knows what he’s talking about, with 15 years of experience behind him. He brings the technical background, extensive product knowledge and expertise in the project market. Sigrid contributes a feeling for aesthetics and trends and superb organisational powers. Together, they're a dream team. They take a personal approach, following up every project themselves. They stay with their customers from start to finish, from the initial vision to the final results – whatever the size. With their lean and mean system, you can order larger or small quantities of carpet tiles, just as you need.

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Birger and Sigrid

Belgian quality

Alskar’s precision-cut carpet tiles are made in Belgium. Alskar partners with Tapibel-INCATI, well-known for its quality and novel approach, to obtain the base product. To cut the tiles to shape, Birger and Sigrid purchased a Swiss-made Zünd machine: state-of-the-art digital cutting technology with remarkable precision. Every carpet tile passes directly through the couple’s hands – and it shows in the results!


Zünd digital cutting machine